New Macro Lens

I purchased a macro lens back in December and finally have been able to get outside and use it more.  Amazing how close I can now get to objects now.

IMG_9432_04x06 IMG_9435_04x06 IMG_9444_04x06

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Now that I am done with college and the move to a new home is over, it is time for spring!! I am also looking forward to getting my camera out once again. I am excited to try out my new lens.

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Straight from the camera?

Doesn’t a photographer just take the photos from his/her camera and print them?  Not even close.  A lot of things can be changed and made better.  This can be time very time consuming but the results are worth it.

IMG_5089This image the JPEG image taken straight from the camera.  The lighting is actually pretty good but seems a bit dark and dull.  There are also a lot of shadows.  This is the image that the camera takes and does its own adjustments.




IMG_5089-2A RAW image can also be taken with the camera.  This image is taken from the camera and unprocessed.  No adjustments are made and the image is uncompressed.  Lightroom 5 can import RAW images and make adjustments to white balance, brightness,  and contrast.  Lightroom 5 can also brighten up shadows and make colors pop out more.



IMG_5089-EditThe same image can be imported into Photoshop.  The lowest balloon has an important year on it.  With Photoshop it was possible to take a balloon from another photo and paste it onto this photo so the year is now visible.  The same can be done with heads.




IMG_5089-Edit-EditSome more fun with Photoshop.

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Storm Chase on August 2, 2015

The early afternoon of August 2 looked promising for some storms.  Most of the bad weather was up near Door County.  Around 1:30pm, a storm was forming well West north West of Appleton and we decided to wait up near Lions Park in Greenville.  Eventually the storm looked to be turning more southward so we head to Neenah and then eventually to some road in Fond Du Lac.  I looked up the road on Google Maps and it actually says unnamed Road.  Basically we were about 2 miles Northwest of Fond Du Lac the City just off of Hwy 41.

We ended up being in between 3 storms.  There were plenty reports of hail throughout the area of about 1.00 to 1.25 inches and a lot of lightning.  Not a big concern for tornadoes but certainly some great looking clouds.



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Slow work

Just trying to get a good design going before really adding any information.

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Favicon Icon

I just spent 1 1/2 hours trying to create this little icon that sits next to the name of the web page url.  Fun stuff!!

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What is happening?

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