Straight from the camera?

Doesn’t a photographer just take the photos from his/her camera and print them?  Not even close.  A lot of things can be changed and made better.  This can be time very time consuming but the results are worth it.

IMG_5089This image the JPEG image taken straight from the camera.  The lighting is actually pretty good but seems a bit dark and dull.  There are also a lot of shadows.  This is the image that the camera takes and does its own adjustments.




IMG_5089-2A RAW image can also be taken with the camera.  This image is taken from the camera and unprocessed.  No adjustments are made and the image is uncompressed.  Lightroom 5 can import RAW images and make adjustments to white balance, brightness,  and contrast.  Lightroom 5 can also brighten up shadows and make colors pop out more.



IMG_5089-EditThe same image can be imported into Photoshop.  The lowest balloon has an important year on it.  With Photoshop it was possible to take a balloon from another photo and paste it onto this photo so the year is now visible.  The same can be done with heads.




IMG_5089-Edit-EditSome more fun with Photoshop.

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